Sunday, November 4, 2012

Orphan Sunday

Today is Orphan Sunday!!!  For the first time in our church's history we had a table that promoted the cause of the fatherless both here (foster care/adoption) and around the world.  Next week we are having an information meeting for those interested in jumping into all God has planned for them in helping the orphan (adoption/foster care/orphan care).  We are blessed to be led by a pair of people in this ministry who are so passionate for children both here and around the world!  Check out their blog at  How we met is truly a God-story and I am so excited for the birth of this new ministry within our church.  One of our Pastor's and his wife have stepped up and are currently taking foster care training!!  They have to interview current foster parents as part of their training so we are going to be meeting later this week :)  I am also meeting with another family in training so they can pick my brain.  Praying I say all the right things while giving them a realistic idea of what to expect :)

I have decided (mostly because of my control-ish nature) to go to court this Thur and Dawn (see above link) has graciously said "yes" to watching my 4 munchkins again :)  I am praying that *something* happens.  I have a card and some pictures to give birth-dad so at least that will get accomplished.  He has been nothing but rude the past few hearings, so maybe this will soften his mood???

We had our first repeat respite placement this past Fri/Sat.  We call him MJ :)  He is a 6 month old little boy who is as happy as a clam and sleeps sooooo well!  So....when his fm as if I could watch him from Thur-Sat night of this weekend I said yes :)  Hubby said we need a break after this one.  Hahaha....We've been doing plenty of respite lately tho, so I agreed :)  Baby (ok...he's not a baby anymore, so I will be calling him Choo Choo from now on here.  It was a name that Michael gave him a long time ago when he couldn't say his real name, and it stuck!) is so protective of him and even pushed the bigger kid's hands away from him and yelled "no baby!"   Maybe we are ready for that girl God?????? :)


"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Melissa - you rock! I think about how God completely put His Hands on our move here and finding you and our church which we love! I think about how your prayers have helped make this all possible! How God is moving in people's lives!!!!

All I can say is I am praying for 2 dates- Election Day and the 13th!!! Both of which I know God already has under control, but sooo excited to see what His plans are. :) See you Thursday!

Mary H. said...

Love Baby's new alias! Praying that all goes well with the next court date!!!