Friday, November 30, 2012

Operation Eliminate Paci

So I am finally going to bite the bullet and really start to eliminate the pacifier!  The kid is almost 2 for cryin' out loud!  A long time ago we dropped it to just sleeping times but now it is time to get rid of it altogether!

Day One:  We are starting with getting rid of it at naptime.  He cried and screamed "I want paci!" for about 5 minutes and then stopped, laid down and talked himself to sleep :)  He slept for about 1 1/2 hours.

Day Two (today):  He went down with no crying.  He talked for quite a while and I finally went in and in my firm mama voice told him to go to sleep.  He did!  He slept for about 1 hour only :(   He of course woke up looking for the paci and had he had it he would have gone back to sleep, but he has to get used to not sleeping with it.  He was SO ready for bed tonight!

I don't expect this to be easy....I think it's going to take awhile for him to learn to sleep without it.  I foresee many long nights ahead as we start to eliminate it at night too. must be done and better now than later.

I WILL NOT make the mistake of getting a child "hooked" on a paci again.  He is the first of my 4 boys who took one (past 3-4 mos) and I don't like the getting rid of it part!  lol!

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Melissa said...

We had the paci fairy come. My son collected all of his pacifiers and we put them in an envelope and left them out for the paci fairy.(The paci fairy collects pacifiers from children who are older and gives them to babies who need the.) When he got up the next morning the fairy had left him a toy. Never asked for them again :)