Thursday, November 8, 2012

Court results!

I just have to say that our GAL is THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!  She called me the second they got out of court to tell me the good it is in bullet points:

  • A TPR consult must be started within 30 days.
  • A status conference has been set for Jan 22nd to make sure this happened.  Don't worry it absolutely WILL!!!
  • Overnight visits have to continue until the Judge on the (we were in front of the magistrate) case says anything different
  • The GAL lawyer will personally be calling he judge to get this taken care of :)
  • The GAL's supervisor will be doing an unannounced visit this weekend with aunt/uncle to personally observe Choo Choo in that in environment.
  • Just for the record I am totally in favor of continuing bio-family visits, just not overnight.  It's causing him too much stress/trauma.
So....our GAL was the only one on the case that was actually there.  Bio-Dad didn't show, the Aunt/Uncle didn't show (I didn't expect them to), and even the CM didn't show.  There was a poor "stand in" who knew NOTHING!  The magistrate was baffled as to why this case has been extended this long and wants things to move forward NOW!!!!!!  I am so happy that things went well today and that we are on the course to get this case finished with Choo Choo's BEST INTEREST IN MIND....not just to simply close the case.  

Of course once termination is obtained we have to be viewed against the aunt/uncle as to where Choo Choo should live permanently, but God has brought us this far and we will simply continue to depend on Him for what is in Choo Choo's best interest (and our family's) long term.


"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

WAHOO!!! I like this news!!!! So glad she called right away :). Whew! I would say everything is going wonderful. Continued prayers for Choo it!

aka. Mimi said...

YAY!!! YAY!!! YAY!!! :D Finally!

StarfishMom said...

SO happy :) I LOVE when you find someone in this line of work who actually CARES about doing their job!! Still praying til it's over!!

Carrie said...

Awesome news!