Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Court results

When I walked into the court waiting area I immediately saw a friend of mine that just got licensed last week and had her one week old first placement with her!!  It was definitely a God appt. and I was so glad that I could alleviate some of her court fears and she had someone to vent to a bit about a case manager that's difficult to understand-lol!  I also saw Michael's old GAL and we chatted for a bit too :)

Then case by case was called and I waited and I waited.  Court was set for 9:00am.  It was the the CM and I.  No bio Dad.  I found out at about 10:45 this is why were were waiting.  They were doing all the private atty's first and then us.  Nice.

We finally got called at about 11:40 and were in there for all of about 5 minutes!  The TPR motion has been officially filed!!!!  Of course it was by the Guardian's office and not the state as it should have been, but's done! Now the rest of the fun begins in trying to find and serve the bio-parents.  A TPR Advisory has been set for Feb 26th and an adoption case plan is to be filed by Friday. has taken 2 years, but this sweet boy is finally on his way to permanency.

I really like this judge and I love how she called Choo Choo by his first name several times today.  It wasn't Baby H***** or "the child" or any other non-specific name.  He is a child and he has a name and as she stated "this child needs permanency!"

Sadly the visit reduction was not brought up but of the judge's limited time I'd rather have the TPR dealt with!  So....the waiting game continues, and I'm sure this will go to trial and I know the adoption stuff is gonna get dicey, but at least we are moving in the right direction!  Thank you for your prayers!!!!


sheldonanddenise said...

Oh Yay! Hang in there.... prayers still coming your way! Blessings, Denise

Jill said...

I am so glad you were there!! I will be praying for this TPR and your finalization to be done quickly!!:)