Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Court tomorrow

Court is tomorrow morning at 9:00am.  I LOVE when they don't make me agonize all day waiting :)  I got a text earlier from Choo Choo's GAL that the atty working on the case (as of last Friday) was working on the TPR paperwork and I am praying HARD that something is accomplished in court tomorrow!!!

Last week was a week of torture on many different levels.  I KNEW that something was going on because the spiritual attack arrows were a flyin!  Everything from our mortgage company paying THREE different insurance policies (2 without our approval!) to the kid's upstairs bathtub leaking and ruining the ceiling in our dining room, to pink eye (in me), to a near car accident where I was cursed out beyond belief and it wasn't even my fault!  The list goes on but I'll spare you :)

All that said, I would take weeks like that over again if it means that Choo Choo will FOREVER BE OURS!!!  Of course once TPR happens that's when the real "fight" begins between Aunt/Uncle and us as to whom his forever family will be, but at least it will be able to start!

Prayers appreciated!!!  The visitation reduction will also be discussed.  I will be put on the stand and have to tell them that yes he was displaying behaviors upon his return, but lately he has been returning normal.  I don't know what was happening for those 2 months when he was horrible coming back, but ????  Anyway, I will tell the truth and whatever the judge decides for visits will be. This battle is the Lords! :)


"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

covering you in prayers!!!!!!

The Campbell's Journey said...

Praying my friend!!

aliciamarie911 said...

Praying that court goes well! I know how important those court dates are. Also, I'm praying for peace for you guys!