Monday, January 7, 2013

Second verse same as the first

I've been away for a bit but that's only because I seriously have virtually nothing to share in our foster care world!  Things have been moving soooooooooooo slow still.  Court will be later this month, but it's just a quick status hearing so I fear not much will be accomplished (before the magistrate).

Choo Choo's crazy erratic behaviors after weekend visits have stopped.  The past 2 times he has returned things have been normal.  Just a super happy boy eager to be back home!  I told the GAL this and that the hearing to request visits be reduced will probably result in nothing.  I thought she'd have it cancelled, but it looks like we are moving forward.  I told her that I can't lie in court and will report only what I experience.  She of course expected nothing less, but I think this is all just going to be a big waste of my time (and theirs too).  We were supposed to have a court date for that (in front of the judge...not magistrate) sometime this month, but the GAL said today their lawyer is on vacation right now.  Sheesh!  This lady just went on vacation not too long ago...I want her schedule :)

Choo Choo was super sick with a nasty cold and ear infection this past weekend so I cancelled the visit with aunt/uncle.  The kid deserves to be comfortable and in his own home when healing.  He only wanted ME to hold him for nearly 3 days straight.  I couldn't make him go when he wasn't feeling good.  I have a strong feeling I will get a text this Friday for a "make up" visit and then have to send him again next weekend as well.  It stinks, but at least I got to cuddle my boy and help him feel better.

He is growing sooooooo fast!  I simply can't believe he is going to be 2 in a few weeks! Tonight my hubby put on Mickey Mouse and ohhh...Choo Choo is at THAT age when Mickey is THE best thing and he kept saying "Mittey Mouf, Mittey Mouf, Mittey Mouf!  Tank you Daddy! Tank you Daddy!" and then blowing hubby kisses of thanks.  He loves to yell "OOOO Toodles!!!!!!!"  We love our sweet boy and are praying for some BIG things in 2013!!!!!!!!!!

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Praying with you! :)