Thursday, January 10, 2013

Total Embarrassment!

A little back story before I begin my embarrassing story...hubby recently let the older kids watch "Diary of Wimpy Kid"  There is a particular line that they thought was funny and were expressly told that it will NOT come out of their mouths or there would be a consequence.  Onward with the story....

Choo Choo's case manager came over for her monthly visit today and I sent my older boys upstairs to play. Everything was fine and after awhile I hear Andrew sending Isaac out of their room.  I don't see him but all I hear is "Hey T...cute butt!!!"  My face went TOTALLY RED!  I don't think that she knew what he said so I told him that inappropriate and to return to his room.  The end? No!

A bit later the two of them came out and both said it again!!!!!!!  She was so "into" what she was typing I am praying she didn't hear.  She didn't act like she heard what they were saying and usually if she doesn't understand she'll ask what they said.

Whether she understood or not they chose to disobey...more than once....yeah they aren't happy with their consequence.  BOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On another note I asked if anything had been done about the petition yet and she said that she didn't think so.  She called once but the atty was on vacation and she hasn't called again. WHAT??????????  Wow....she is gonna get RIPPED in court again for not doing her job AGAIN!  It was even expressly told to her in the staffing nearly a month ago that it had to be done THAT DAY!  I can't say that I am surprised :(

She said she also has not heard from bio-Dad.  He's been off in another part of the state since October and told her he'd be back after the first of the year.  I doubt he'll be in court on the 22nd.  It makes the case for TPR better though.....


CherubMamma said...

My children went into the kitchen once and played with matches while the CASA volunteer and I talked in the living room.

Thank GOD the CASA volunteer never asked about the smoky smell. I think I said something about the kids blowing out a candle (which was true). I didn't find out about the additional matches until after she left.

My children are lucky to be alive I was soooooo angry. :)

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

oopps.....BOYS and GIRLS!UGH- we have banned movies because of this, but unfortunately sometimes it doesn't help completely.....