Wednesday, November 6, 2013


I was brushing my teeth today and Choo Choo walks in and starts rummaging through my makeup drawer.  He picked up a eyeliner pencil and said "Mom, will you color my eyeballs?!!"  LOL! 

I got a text early this morning and only two people text me that mother and the case manager!  I got a hopeful feeling that this was *it* but was sadly disappointed when it read "we are still awaiting a court date.  When can I come see {Choo Choo}?"  :(

My sister has been sending me pictures and brief updates of the weeks of "stuff" I've been missing on Facebook.  At the rate this case is going I think I will have to spend a week just catching up on all my favorite people's pages!  Being a SAHM, sometimes FB is that way of staying sane on crazy days and connected to other adults.  I will admit I fully miss that part, but a piece of me is actually quite content not hopping on "just to see what everyone is up to."  It has been a couple of weeks now and it's somewhat freeing as well :)  So...if you have sent me a message, posted on my wall, or expected a comment from me, I will try to get back with you whenever I get back on....OR....feel free to email me and I'll get back with you much sooner! 

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