Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Tired of waiting so....

It's funny how several things now  in this foster care journey with Choo Choo over the past year have been "oh I'll wait until we have a decision."  First, I wanted to wait on the paci.  I thought it was a comfort item for him and good to have with all the back and forth.  Finally he bit a hole in the last one and that was it!  Okay..no more waiting.  Time to get rid of paci!  He's done fine without it and the transition was easier than I expected.

Next came potty training.  This was one area that I didn't want to put a lot of hard work into and then have him regress with  "the" possible decision and again with all the back and forth and inconsistency with aunt/uncle I wasn't going to push it till we knew for sure where he would be living.  Well, smack my forehead...he trained himself several months back and other than an accident to clean up now and again he's doing great!  He even stays dry at naps/nighttime :)

Last week we approached our latest crossroad.  The crib!  He has been fully able to climb out of his crib for a long time, but never did unless I told him to get up (like in the morning).  It was working well for me, except that he is getting so tall and really is outgrowing it.  He likes to turn side-ways in it so he was super cramped and I was getting sick of waking up at 2am to him wailing because his leg was caught.  Yesterday I decided that it was time to put the mattress on the floor and start the transition to a big boy bed! 

I was very nervous as I laid him down to bed last night because he and Michael can be very troublesome together.  They love to stay up and talk to each other so I naturally thought that Choo Choo would get up and play with Michael.  I WAS WRONG!  :)  I happily say those words!  I think it was too dark and he was afraid to get out  of the bed so within minutes he was fast asleep!!  I am not sure this will continue once he gets comfortable, but I am sure praying it does!

At naptime today he didn't want to sleep in the pack-n-play for nap (they must be split up in daylight!)...he wanted his bed!  He laid down more peacefully than he has in a long time and went right to sleep.  THANK YOU JESUS!

Each step I was 'afraid' or had reservations, but with each step it was done with total ease :)  If/When he becomes our son I sure hope this trend continues!!! 

35 days till court.....not like I'm counting or anything!!!

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