Monday, November 4, 2013

STILL nothing :(

So I decided 2 weeks ago that I would fast (from FB) and pray (MORE) for a court date for Choo Choo.  This is NUTS!  We are going on week 3....the ONLY thing that has happened is that a week ago Friday (Oct 26th) the bonding assessment was FILED (yes 2 months after being completed) to the court.  I was fully expecting a court date last week.  It MUST happen this week right??????

Choo Choo went on a visit to aunt/uncle this past weekend.  Each time it is getting harder and harder.  He's getting older and understands more.  I am seeing the anger come through more and when I drop him off he's not crying, but he keeps asking "you gonna come get me right Momma?"  Ahhhh......

God's timing....God's will.....God's way......that's my mantra!  In the meantime we will continue to love on this boy :)

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The Campbell's Journey said...

I'm so praying for you friend! Our babies are getting to an age where they are starting to undertand more. They aren't babies anymore and it sucks watching them still go through all this craziness after 3 years!