Tuesday, February 16, 2010

8 months old!!!!

Today is Little Man's 8 month b-day :) He celebrated by starting to cruise the couch! I put him down on his mat yesterday and he climbed up to the toy box as usual. He then transferred to the couch (where he usually hangs out),but then saw something interesting at the other end and cruised 4 feet! He'll be walking soon :)

At lunch today he ran out of puffies (those little baby finger foods) and he started babbling and babbling with full intent. At first I didn't know what he wanted becuase I didn't look at his tray, and I just thought it was cute, but then I realized he was starting at the container and his tray was empty. As soon as I gave him some more he stopped! He's getting this conversation stuff down! LOL! :)

He also babbles a lot when we are in the car. Mr. A yelled out "Mom, what he saying??!!" as if I have a baby translator or something! LOL! The boys are really good at teaching him new signs and he'll probably be doing that soon too! Lots of fun :)

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