Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Court results

Well, it is official that he has been adjudicated, so instead of seeing his CM face to face every week, that only has to happen every 30 days. There is still a paternity issue that the court is not willing to pay for, so it's being left "as is." This makes me so angry that a little person's life will be hanging in the balance with no "proof" of who his biological Daddy is because no one will pay for it!. This means that there is a chance that Little Man may be moving from our home....we will wait and see if there is a family member (albeit they *may* share no more genetic relation to this child than us!) that will take him in. Things may remain the same and birthmom can continue to work her plan and things can progress forward. I guess we continue to wait on the Lord and see where He has things moving! There are so many more details, but it gets exhausting playing the "what if" games. It's so much easier knowing that He is in control and has a unique and precise plan for Little Man's life :-)

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His Hands His Feet Today said...

Those tests aren't very expensive either! lol! Praying for divine mercy and justice!