Saturday, February 27, 2010

No way!

Really??? How can this be??? ANOTHER tooth!!! This boy just is not a happy person when teething. This makes 5 teeth in 6 weeks! He just cries and wants to be held (which is no easy task! He's a big boy!) for several days before it finally pops through. He got over the flu last week, now this. We are ready for a break and to have that sweet happy baby back!

On another note...he is crawling on hands and knees now about 50% of the time (rather than army style)!! It all depends on how fast he wants to move!

Tomorrow will be his first day in nursery at church! He has been doing well in church the past 3 months, but now he is really starting to babble and although it's super cute, it's not so super cute in church! So...we're gonna give it a go! I think he will be fine...I hope! I'm ready to get back to focusing on worship and the message and not keeping a baby quiet ;)

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