Friday, February 26, 2010

Court results

Not too much to report! Mom didn't show because of lack of transportation, so what I anticipated being discussed (visitation) was not addressed. Something got thrown out of the case plan and another more important thing was added, actually two things. Our GAL called me today and she read a few things of the "every single detail about this case" report and there were definitely things in there that I also had not heard. I thank God that at that time, Little Man was not old enough to really know what was happening!! Of course in the spiritual realm that's a different story!

So...all in all things are pretty much the same. There was another detail about the legal father that needs to get cleared up and we are hoping to get all of Little Man's medical records (prenatal through birth) from the hospital records should he chose to divulge just which hospital that was! I have to check with the CM to see when the next court hearing will that time Mom should be there and visitation discussion will happen then. For now we will stay at 1x per week.

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