Monday, February 22, 2010

Sooner than expected!

Well I found out today that Little Man's mom is already 4 months pregnant! I was under the impression that she was "just" pregnant! S0....that means that we will probably have another little one in July or so!!! I was thinking we'd still have the summer...allowing L.M to get a bit older, but nope! (We are assumming he will still be in care at that point) I guess I should start getting ready for another baby! Oh my gosh! I guess I will be a bit busy! Anyone have any extra crib?? LOL!! Never thought I'd have two in a crib at once :)


Mary H. said...

Wow, she's half way there almost. Wishing I could loan you my furniture but that would be a bit of a shipping fee! Will the babes share a room?

Our Journey said...

You still have yours???! Wow! :) Yep...they will share a room!

Mary H. said...

Yeah, figured it would be nice for grandchildren someday. Planned ahead, didn't I? My mom did that but she went from having kids to grandkids in 6 years!