Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What he's been up to..

I went in to get Little Man up from his nap this morning and was stunned! There he was standing at the end of his crib!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is still only 7 months old! At this rate he is going to be cruising and walking in the next couple of months!!! I'm not ready!!! LOL!!

His crabbiness has continued over the last couple of days and this morning I peeked in his mouth and #4's tip is starting to come through! Thank God they happened together and hoping for a break now :)

Whew...last night I was making dinner and he wanted to be held. At that moment I just couldn't (not even safely in the carrier) and he went ballistic! Whew...he was MAD! Mr. M tried holding him and to console him, but he screamed louder. The second I took him back the screaming stopped and he was laughing again in seconds! Little Stinker!! He knows what he wants I guess-LOL!

His Medicaid mess still hasn't been totally cleared up, but as of March 1st he should be "good." I can't wait to get him in to the Dr. to be weighed! I'm sure he's at or over the 20lb mark! He is a pretty average length I think. He has a long torso and really short, chubby legs :) Mr. A was the same way :)

He is at his birthparent visit as I type. I took his little feet prints today and made a little Valentine's card for them. They were really happy with pictures last week, so this should really excite them :) I'm not trying to be their friends, but I think that little things like this keep an open connection between us and in the end will only benefit Little Man.

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Mandy said...

I always send Valentine's cards, Mother's/Father's day crafts, birthday and Christmas presents (generally from the dollar store and chosen by the kids) to bio parents even now after they have been adopted into our forever family. To us that is important as well as pictures now and then.