Tuesday, March 23, 2010

9 month check-up

Today Little Man had his well-child visit. He is doing great and weighs a whopping 22lbs 5oz!!! No wonder I am getting so strong! His weight is in the 75th %ile and his height is in the 50%ile. The only thing that caused her to pause was his head circumfrence which is in the 90 %ile right now! She thinks that some of it is his hair (LOL!) but we will just continue to monitor it. Mr. M and I are also supposed to keep track of Little Man's wheezing episodes over the next 3 months and at his 12 month visit we will discuss if he needs to be on a preventative med or maybe further evaluation is needed. Other than that, he had his shots (and screamed so loud it about cracked the windows!) and we were out of there :)

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