Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I wonder???

I really have been wondering what goes through Little Man's birthmom's mind sometimes! She has been attending parenting classes (GREAT!) for several weeks now, but in the communication book today she said that she is almost done with her case plan! What?! Ummmm...did she miss the part about stable housing, income, other evaluations, etc???? I know that it has all been explained to her!

Nothing too much has changed lately (hence the slow down in posts!) She continues to try to parent through comments in the book, but most of the time it's just silly stuff that I don't really pay attention to. Today's example would be that I put him in little "swishy swashy" pants and the waistband must have made an impression on his skin and she didn't like that (remember the jeans issue?) I have kind of taken the stance that I will take her opinion into consideration, but he is in my care right now, and if that's what he has clean, then that's what he's wearing :)

No other movement in the DNA issue :( The man who we believe to be the bio-dad has not been coming to visits regularly anymore. He technically has no rights in court or otherwise at this point. Guess we'll wait to see what happens with that as well!

Little Man is into EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He crawls all over the place (or cruises the furniture!) He unpacks the shoe bin for me, pulls books off the shelves, and opens the doors on the entertainment center and pulls out all the movies!!!!! My house is a disaster area-LOL! I clean it up and he repeats it all about every 15 minutes (or less!) He is at a very fun stage though :) He will be 9 months old tomorrow!!!! He'll have his check up next week, so I am excited to see how big he has gotten :)

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