Wednesday, March 24, 2010

More visits...

Today Little Man's mom had another status hearing to see how things are going. Apparently she is doing what she needs to do so that is good. Due to court, there wasn't a visit today, but it looks like that will take place on Friday. The judge also asked the CM to increase visitation (she did not ORDER it). we are trying to "hash out" the best situation. I of course am praying that they decide to just extend the one visit and make it longer so it doesn't break up another day in the week, but I'm not really the one making that decision. Also, it looks like mom may be getting unsupervised visits as early as next month! This both worries and excites me (just being honest here!)'s all in God's hands!!!!!


Mandy said...

That is a good sign for mom if she is getting longer visits and unsupervised visits. I know that is a hard thing as you are suppose to want him to be headed back home to mom but in reality that isn't what your heart real feels is best. I have been there.

With the visits--remember that you may not make the decisions but it affects you so you have a strong voice about what you want to have happen. I never used to realize that I could say what I wanted so I had 4 foster children with 4 different visit times on 3 different days and it made my house crazy. Speak may not get what you want but you should atleast tell them what you want.

Unsupervised visits quite honestly are very difficult. It is hard to think that "your boy" is somewhere that didn't used to be safe for him. They also stir up behavior issues and different emotions in kids. Hopefully this won't be the case for you but I want you to be ready if it does happen.

Email me if you have questions--

The Campbell's Journey said...

I am praying for you guys. Do you know how many hours she is going to get each week? What happened to the housing deal? Has she found somewhere else to live?

Our Journey said...

Mandy- Thank you for your advise. This is really hard because it's starting to get more and more real that he may be leaving. It's very hard to think that he will be returning to her with me knowing that her situation really hasn't changed much at all
:( Both Matt and I feel that he will return to her, but will eventually end up back in foster care (along w/ sibling:( )

Karen-She is suppossed to get her own apt next month. At this point it was only ASKED by the judge, so we can increase to whatever we want--there is no ORDER by the court.I am going to push for an increase on the one day that we already have, so we don't have so much emotional back and forth for him all the time. Wait till your baby gets a bit get tougher for them :(