Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Poor baby :(

He is sick again :( A lovely sinus infection as well as breathing issues again! He is back on a steroid, antibiotic, cough syrup, and nebulizer treatments. Between Mr. A (also has a sinus infec./allergies) and Little Man I feel like a pharmacy! He is actually being referred to a pediatric pulmonologist to see if there is any underlying causes to this breathing stuff. I tried to call to make the appt and the lady was really sweet, but of course they asked for his Medicaid number (just got changed remember?) and I looked at the card and of number! What?! So I try to call the office and their phones are down because of "network difficulties." Is anything ever simple with Medicaid? Just wondering!

I guess the extended visit today went well. She was informed of an upcoming trip that we are going on and she said that she will have him back by then. I asked his CM if that is possible and there was an "incident" between Dad and Mom the other day so, now that has to be documented. She has an evaluation on Friday that could also effect the outcome of when reunification can happen. We have a staffing on Tuesday so I will hear more then. Interesting for sure!

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