Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sick :(

Here we go again...poor baby is so snotty and every time he gets to sleep, he coughs and wakes himself up again. Couple that with the reaction to immunizations yesterday and you get a miserable baby with a fever who can't really sleep although he desperately wants/needs to! He has been in the carrier most of the day today. He just cries and cries if you try to put him down. I think we have another long night ahead....YET I will praise HIM! :) I am definitely happy I am a SAHM because otherwise I don't know if I would be a very productive worker outside the home-LOL! I was soooooo looking forward to nap today while he went to his visit, but no one showed up :( Court was this afternoon (just a status hearing), but no one called to cancel or reschedule, so I guess someone will just tell me eventually or just show up at my door. They better hope I'm home! :) Maybe I can get to bed early tonight?????

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