Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Continuing to learn

Things continue to move right along! Little Man just got back from a visit and seems happy to be back :) He is so stinkin' cute!

His mom is doing well on her case plan and continues to complete the things that she needs to complete. She now has stable housing so that is significant! Unfortunately birthdad has not been coming to visits anymore and wasn't at the last court hearing either. One thing that needs to be worked out in court the next time is the whole drug screening thing. Apparently you need 20 negatives in a row before reunification can take place. If you don't show up it's considered a positive test. So...his mom's attorney is trying to get that thrown out of the case plan. We'll see about that in June at his judicial review.

Please pray for his CM. Although we have had issues with communication she is a good person and is really trying her best. She has a tough case load with a ton of stress and Little Man's mom is a huge source of that stress. She doesn't like the CM and tries at every turn to get her in trouble :( I wouldn't want to be a CM...that's for sure!!!

We got our re-licensing packet in the mail the other day...another thing to get started on! I am looking forward to a symposium tomorrow talking about cross cultural issues in fostering and adopting :)

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