Monday, May 24, 2010

New, not us!

Mr. M and I are going to have a new NIECE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is due to be born on July4th!!! This adoption is a little different though....see..this beautiful baby girl has some pretty serious health issues and even before she has been born, hospice has been notified. My sister and BIL are walking in faith not knowing if they will have hours, days, weeks or years with their baby girl. After a lot of prayer, sweet baby A has experienced God's healing in some areas, and we are believing for God to heal the rest!! My sister and BIL are both planning on traveling to CA for the birth! They have a tax deductible account set up through The Shepherd's Crook. Please contact me via email if you are interested in that information so you can make a donation for Baby A's adoption! I encourage you to go over to to read more about Baby A and follow her adoption journey!

NOW....I need to go out and start buying baby GIRL clothes!!!!!!

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