Friday, May 14, 2010


Not too much happening here for once! :) Little Man is doing great and is at such a FUN stage! He is babbling and trying so hard to make some sense :) He goes on and on and if you keep talking back he keeps going! When we ask him questions such as "are you ready to go to bed?" He responds with "yah!" He really has been focusing on the speech aspect and put the gross motor on the back burner. I'm sure he'll switch again soon. He is one LOUD little boy...fits right in with the rest of them :) This past week I have had to take one of the other kids out for an appt or what not and he has started crawling over to the window, banging on it and screaming as I leave :( Poor Mr. M! He is eating lots of table foods now and prefers it over baby foods. He is now in mostly 18 month old clothes and some 24 month clothes...yep at almost 11 months! He's a BIG boy! :)

This little guy has a smile that will melt your heart...has mine! I wish you all could see it!

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