Thursday, May 27, 2010

Few things

Things have been CRABBY around here for a few days and I am so excited to say that I can officially see tooth #5 !!! I cannot wait for that thing to break through!!! He must be working on more by the looks of those gums. Why did God make the teething process sooooo ssslloooooooooooooowwwwwww????? Poor baby (and the rest of us! LOL!) !!!

Little Man's mom agreed to us getting his haircut!! Well...she said a trim, but we'll take it!! Little Man will be ONE soon and we'd like him to have a decent haircut for his first b-day pics :) Still working a potential photographer that won't charge an arm and a leg!

I think I mentioned the Judicial review next week. I totally read the time wrong on the paper! Oh well...a wonderful friend has offered to watch the kids so I can attend!!! It will be my first time actually meeting Little Man's birthparents. Should be interesting!

Little Man is now wanting to upright most of the time!! He always tries to keep his walker near to him so that he can just stand and go! I guess he has decided it's time :) It's so cute to see him walking outside with his walker down the sidewalk-LOL!

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