Monday, May 24, 2010

Little Man's current vocabulary

Little Man turned 11 months last week!! I can't believe that we are nearing on 6 months together!! He is still not walking, but I am still ok with that! This morning he busted his lip by trying to pull up on the table and not judging it correctly :( He loved sucking on the ice though! He currently is only signing "more", but his speech continues to take off :) His current words that he uses consistenly are...
  • ball
  • mama (sometimes when he's angry it's momeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!)
  • dada
  • more
  • hi
  • bye
  • do-do (for our eldest son)
  • nigh-nigh (he lays his head down and pretends to go to cute!)

Other words he has said, but not consistently are "no, please, up" and "done." I love this stage when the learning is taking place so quickly!! So fun!!!

Next week we have his Judicial Review...I am still trying to figure out a way to be able to go. I am very interested in everyone's official perspective of how things are going. Nothing has been changed in the the status hearing because it's not an official judge, so we will see what changes happen. We will see if "legal Dad" now has representation and what's going to happen on that route.

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