Wednesday, May 19, 2010


God has really been doing a work in my heart lately about Little Man's momma. It's so "easy" as a foster parent to see the bio-parent as the "bad person" who did xyz to have their child taken away. It's easy to think that he would be better off in life being in our family, but then reality hits that he isn't ours and that isn't our decision!! On Sunday our pastor said something that has stuck with me "If you are willing to do what no one else does, God will give you what no one else has." Little Man's momma is (one) of my missions fields! It's fun to look back at the communication book we started and read how she responded to me 5 months ago versus now
:-) She wrote today that she knows how much we really love Little Man and we aren't in it for the state's money (sadly SO many people think that foster parents do it for the money---ya right?! OK...there are a few, but it seems that only the bad situations are heard about :( ) She thanked me for the words of support I write to her and was happy to see particular things that we do for Little Man and of course the pictures!! We will be crying buckets of tears when Little Man leaves (I do believe that he will most likely return to his momma) BUT I know that I know that I know that I know that God will be with him and that I have done all that He wanted me to regrets. Who knows....maybe the seeds I am planting in "A" will be watered and grow into her personal relationship with Christ!!! How exciting is that???!!!


The Campbell's Journey said...

Thank you for your words of wisdom. I really needed to hear that today. You spoke volumes when you stated the " I know that God will be with him and that I have done all that He wanted me to do.... no regrets." I really needed that. While I'm sure our little guy will not be going back to his mother, there is the huge possibility that he could go to family. My heart aches. Our buckets will be over-flowing with yours.

I feel blessed to be able to call you friend. Your words of advice and encouragement are a wonderful gift.

Our Journey said...

Grrr...blogger isn't posting your comment for some reason "Campbell Journey", but I did get it :) You are a cherished friend as well and I am glad that my post encouraged you! Glad we have each other to lean on :)