Friday, August 27, 2010

Been awhile...

Well, there hasn't been too much going on! Little Man is teething AGAIN, but it's the final four!! I will be so happy to have a happy little boy back! He continues to get into simply everything and now tries to RUN! It's so cute because his little feet just don't go that fast yet, and he ends up falling over. No, I'm not mean...he laughs, stands right back up, and does it again! His language is really coming along as well and he now says both A and I's names as well as cracker, tada, and he will give a good attempt at any word you ask him to say :)

As for his case...there has been a permancy staffing set up for next Thursday where they will discuss unsupervised visits for the mom. I have reservations about that happening, but I certainly have no physical control. All I can do (and the most important thing I can do!) is storm the heavens for Little Man's safety during those times! I know the legal father has been invited to join via phone, so maybe something will get settled there as well???? Unfortunately I will only be able to attend by phone, but I am glad that is an option.

There are a lot of possible twists and turns that this case could take. We just have to wait it out and trust God has it all planned for good! Baby girl is due in about 2-3 weeks, so we will see what happens with that situation as well. Mom has a history of saying one thing and doing another, so we shall see if the adoption plans continue. Honestly I hope for baby girl they do! The sad part is that Little Man won't get to know his sister :(

We haven't had any respite/temporary situations lately. I'm actually a bit thankful for that because I have kicked off our homeschool year and it always takes a bit of time to get into a rhythm :)

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