Monday, August 2, 2010


Did you hear me scream that title???? LOL!!!!!!!!! Oh my!! The four molars went better than this one stinkin' tooth that just won't come all the way through.'s been 5 days of a screaming baby! Today he was actually doing well for awhile so I decided to run to the store. They happen to have carts with steering wheels (his first time) and that did the trick while in the store! Whew! Well...I knew there would be drama when I took him out, but I had no idea...I think I should count myself blessed that no one called the police! The way he screamed when I pryed his little paws off that steering wheel made people stop what they were doing and look! Oh my!! The LOUDEST scream I have ever hurt my ear! PRAYING that this tooth pops through over night, that he gets some relief and we can all feel free to resume life as normal :-)

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