Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Visits cancelled :(

Last week it was 12:45 and Little Man's visit is at 1:00. I texted his CM and she said that she meant to call me, but that the visit was cancelled because Mom's bus pass ran out and she didn't have transportation.

Then on Friday I get a text to see if Little Man can have visit that afternoon. Sure! So I wait and then get another text...the visit has been cancelled and he'll get a longer visit next week.

Today I was expecting him to have that extended visit. I was blessed that I had notice this time, but I got a call from the CM's supervisor that she was out today and he couldn't find someone to cover the visit so it is cancelled again. His mom must be livid! Knowing mom's personality the CM is going to have quite and ear full when she gets back! I would volunteer to drive him to the visit but the problem is the supervision of the visit when I have my own kids. If my husband were here to watch them, I would have volunteered. How are they supposed to be bonding when they don't see each other consistently? :(

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