Monday, August 9, 2010

So bummed :(

We got a letter in the mail last week from our FDS that said she is leaving our licensing agency to pursue her other career goals in another state...the nerve!! LOL!!!! She was a person we totally trusted and knew we could count on her. I sent her an email demanding she not leave (we have that joking relationship!). She's not listening :( She did email back though and say that we were an easy family to work with (and secretly her favorite ) and she wants to show our new FDS the ropes with our family, so we will get to see T. one more time and meet O. as well. We are praying that we have a similar connection with her. God must have something planned :) We are getting ready for all of our renewal stuff so things are going to be hectic for O. to get thrown into the mix!! We only have to get our fire extinguishers re-tagged and our half is DONE!

On another note.........
Lately I've been running into amazing little girl deals (1.00 outfit last week and this week I got a 5 pack of 0-3 girl onesies for just $2) and I am just waiting for my little girl (no matter how long God places her here!) :)

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