Tuesday, May 3, 2011


This morning we met with one of the directors of the agency LM is with. I guess we have her for a month if we have any questions, but starting June 1st we will be switched to the new agency and CM #4! Then when we finally can go to the adoption aspect we will have all new workers again. Such fun on a case that has not gone one step forward in so many MONTHS! We are stagnant BUT we are praying God changes that tomorrow at court!!! It is a TPR advisory and it could go several ways, so I am hoping that things will go (my) God's way!! :-) I'll update tomorrow!!

I still have not heard anything about this weekend or anything else. The extra visit was cancelled, so the FRS is just going to do an extra long visit on his regular day.

We put the baby in the same room with LM last night and neither one woke each other up all night (although LM screamed once and baby is not feeling well again and was up a lot!) We'll see how night #2 goes :)

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"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

PRAYING for your new agency, etc. I think with Joshua, Sarah, & Elizabeth - a 3 year case mind you- we had 7 different social workers and one we had twice! Yeah..... it always seemed that whenever a new court date that was a turning point came around we had a brand new social worker who knew - squat! Nice :) he he he.....it's kind of funny that I would sit in court and share the dates of all the "stuff" because no one else knew them off the top of the head.

Anywho- praying it goes much better now!!!!!