Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Today did NOT go as planned....once again. This was our first time front of the new judge. Had it been the judge we had at the beginning this case would done with! This judge has deemed it best to continue to search for LM's birthparents as well get Family Finders started. SERIOUSLY????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They want to search for a family member after 17 months of a stable placement...the ONLY family he knows. I am certain that nothing will come up and this is all part of God's plan, but what a waste of time, energy and money!!! The Guardian lawyer said that should something come up that they would be ready to fight a change in placement. THANK GOD! They also requested that we start some "stuff" toward adoption (without being transferred to adoptions yet) and the judge did grant that, however after she granted she looked at me said "Just because I am ok-ing this does not mean it's a sure thing. I don't want you to get too excited." Ummmmm....ok! Yeah...if Mom/Dad were interested I think they would not have left the state and officially said "goodbye" to their son. I KNOW that I know that I know that I know that LM is our son and I have NO IDEA why God has this continuing to drag on, but it's His plan so we are along for the ride...Next court date is July 19th.

There is so much wrong with the system :( LM will likely be in our care for over 2 years before any kind of permanency is decided. THANK the LORD that he is young and has no idea what is going on!!!

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