Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Long time!

Wow..I didn't realize it had been this long since I posted! A little update...we just had Baby's CM homevisit today and things are going well :) Dad had to take him to a parenting class and the CM said it was so nice to see him get excited to see the baby and he was showing him off to all the other participants. The referral for his section 8 housing is going in today! She said that 10 are chosen each month, so it will just be which month he is chosen. She is estimating 3-4 months.

Tomorrow we are starting out his unsupervised visits. He has a serious confidence problem about being a Daddy (although he loves his son very much). They plan to start out with a 1/2 hour and then the FRS will come back and see how things are going. I was told that once he has secured housing/daycare, etc that things for the transition will move very slowly to ease Dad into parenting. Sheesh...I wish we had that luxury-LOL! I think it will make it easier for all of us though...saying good bye for the first time is going to be soooooo hard! We love him so much and have experienced all his "firsts" etc. Whew....God calls us to be obedient but He never said it was going to be easy!

Mom is off "doing her thing" and has not had contact in weeks. I think she last had a visit 3 weeks ago. The CM who has been with this mom since '08 knows her so well. She said that mom will resurface in about 2 weeks. Ugh....

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