Thursday, May 26, 2011

Surprise phone call

No...all surprises are not fun or good :( I got a call this afternoon that baby's aunt and uncle who are caring for 2 of his 1/2 siblings want to take him this afternoon and keep him until Sat. around 2:00 when I will have to pick him up (meeting at a public place). I have totally been blind-sided. He has never met these people and never even had a 1 hour sibling visit with them. I wholeheartedly agree that the siblings need to know each other, etc., but how about a little notice next time and work up to an overnight????

The CM sensed my hesitation and asked if giving them my phone number would make me feel better. Uummmmm...not really! I expected that for crying out loud! Starting slow would make me feel better, but that's foster do what you are told to do :(

The CM said she would give them strict instructions to call me if at any point they felt overwhelmed or needed to me take him back. I just don't understand their urgency to do this long overnight right away.

Ahhh...the tears started flowing as I realized the yucky truth that 'my' baby is not my baby :( He will be leaving me someday in the next several months. Maybe this is God's gentle way of getting me ready?? Of course these people choose the time when he's on 5 meds a day to initiate a visit. Now I have the joy of writing everything out in a hurry and getting all his things together for this evening.

Yikes...this really stinks!

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