Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Pulmonologist Appt

The pulmonologist appt went well today :) I walked in and was waiting in a zoo...oh my gosh....about 6 adult and what felt like 100 kids in a small waiting room! LOL! Anyway, I signed in and took my seat waiting for Little Grape's Dad and case worker to show up. Dad arrived first and because I saw his mugshot before I knew who he was. The meeting went well. It is very clear that he loves his son but I am concerned about his age and ability to start all over again with a himself. At one point LG was screaming so loud and all he wanted to do was go to sleep. It took EVERYTHING in me to not run over, grab the baby from his arms and put him to sleep in seconds. I had to listen to him scream as Dad tried lots of positions, etc to get him to quiet down. I tried offering suggestions and at one point (when dad did what I said) he fell asleep for about 15 seconds and had he stayed that way things would have been fine, but no...Dad decided to change positions and therefore woke the baby up! I finally gave him a bottle because Dad was getting frustrated and just wanted him to be quiet. I want to make a point to the CM about feeding when he screams just to make him be quiet because I have a feeling that Dad would "go there" frequently when on his own. Of course he took the bottle because he's a piggy!!!! :)

On to the actual appt....LG weighs 15lbs 13oz now :) Chunk!!!! He turns 4 months next week. After getting the history the Dr. is convinced that lots of baby's problems are being caused by reflux. Ahhhhhh......I KNEW it!!! So, in order to clear up his "junky" lungs we are on Pulmicort via nebulizer 2x's a day (oh joy...he hates that thing!) and Zantac and we will go off the Zyrtec and still use the Albuterol as needed. I went to pick up his prescriptions and the Dr. ordered 2 huge boxes of Pulmicort, 5 boxes of Alubuterol and the Zantac. I felt like I was walking out with the whole pharmacy! LOL!! It was so big the bag didn't even fit through the drive through window!

I never had been to the pulmonologist before I became a foster parent!lol! Not sure why God keeps giving us the breathing cases, but at least we have grown in our knowledge :)


"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Ha ha ha...the zoo.....oh dear. Praying - does dad have to take parenting classes? I know a lot of times that is part of the case plan especially if they need some real advice about a baby.

Our Journey said...

He doesn't have any allegations against him, so he doesn't have a case plan, but when asked (due to the circumstances) if he would take the class he said yes. He told me yesterday he has 2 more classes before he "graduates." He would have the baby right now if he had stable housing from the beginning.....