Monday, May 30, 2011

She's baaaaacccckkkkk!!!!!

I got this email from Little Man's GAL....

hello its me a. im am so very coincerned about my son i know we had that talk on the phone and the way you made me feel was really hurtfull. im willing to do whatever i have to do here to get custody of him im not with mr. m. dont even talk to him im inrolled in m.h im doing what i have to do i want to atleast see pictures of him i havent evern spoken to ar. she dont wqork there any more its not fair to me or my child i did what you and her sugested me to do come home where i had family to help me and support me and i did just that so what is the issue for me now can you please contact me asap thanks

The insanity of this angers me so much! She feels she can abandon her son (AGAIN) and jump back in whenever she wants and blame other people for her actions. She is absolutley right that this is not fair to LM....he never asked fir any of this craziness. I guess court could be very interesting in July!!! Lord...we expected a lot of thing from foster care, but "A" was NOT one of them!!!


Judy said...

What a bunch of baloney to put it mildly. Continue to pray things work the way they are supposed to in this situation will be resolved the right way soon

Mary H. said...

I don't think "a" knows what this phrase she used even means:
"not fair to me or my child"