Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Another visit

Yesterday Baby had a sibling visit :) I was told when he came back that the aunt/uncle want to have him over the weekend again. I am assumming it's because of the holiday that it's happening again so soon. I am actually a little relieved that they want to take him this weekend because we are going on a mini-vacation on the other side of the state and I think it will be easier not dragging a baby in the heat around a theme park! The "big" boys have plans to stay all day!! I guess there has been more drama between Baby's dad and the aunt/uncle and unfortunatley he's burning bridges rather than keeping his eyes focused on the baby :( All because of a couple of texts from bio-mom who is not in the picture with Baby. Ahhh......

I sent Little Man's mom pictures and an update last week, but no one has heard from her. I expected that she would call the CM about it, but nothing. I am hoping she realizes that he is in a good place and simply does the "right" thing in court in a few weeks. I don't think she will be able to appear in person, so that may happen involuntarily anyway. Then again, this woman is full of surprises, so who knows....maybe we'll get a surprise appearance???

I am sooooooo tired! Baby was in such a nice pattern of sleeping from 10 when he last ate till 5:30am until 4 nights ago when all of the sudden he is up crying/whining all night!!! I have tried simply everything! A bottle...massage...tylenol...the only way he will sleep deeply is in my arms. Ummm...that doesn't work for me as I need sleep to take care of the rest of the munchkins daily. Still trying to figure this one out!!!

Little Man is defintely TWO!!!!!!!! Whew....he is one little spitfire!!! We are sort of working on potty training...I think he's ready, but I just hate potty training! lol! I know I have to keep my eyes on the prize of no more diapers, but I have to work myself up to it! Hee hee. We also will probably be transitioning him to a toddler bed too. That should be fun too :)

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