Thursday, December 6, 2012


There is not much going on here in relation to foster care land!  I guess I'm really ok with that!  Another aunt/uncle visit is scheduled for this weekend so I guess we will see if last time was fluke, or the beginning of an end!

So....since I don't have any real news I'll tell you about my cute boy!  He is super into EVERYTHING!  He is really getting into that 2 yr old attitude and can be totally sweet and cuddly one minute and downright defiant the next!

He love to do laundry and I guess since he has done it with me so much he can tell me whose clothes are whose...right down to the undies!  lol!

He goes "#2" in his diaper and promptly brings me the wipes and a clean diaper and says "I p*ooped.  Change me peeeze!"  LOL!  I'm hoping he'll be an early potty trainer :)

No paci at naptime has gone very well.  He still wakes up screaming like he's being tortured rather than sucking a paci and going back to sleep, but that will stop eventually...I hope!  We plan to stop the night time paci use soon.

He is using primarily 2-3 word phrases but often will go 4-5 words.  He has a great vocabulary and is very verbal....sometimes too much!  He really likes the song "5 little monkeys swinging in a tree" and will sing almost all the words with me :)

His bio-dad is still angry with us so he won't let us get our nappy-headed boy a haircut!  The family pics we got taken turned out good, but we had to try to cover his head with a hat-lol!

There is a staffing on the 18th...hopefully I will hear on that day if the TPR petition has been filed like it's supposed to.  2 more days and the 30 days are up!


Mitzy said...

I am interested in knowing what a "staffing" is?

Our Journey said...

A staffing is just a meeting with the agency (CM, supervisor, permanency specialist) the GAL, the parent (s) and foster parents are welcome too. Any other pertinent people may be involved too. It is outside of court and deals with "lesser" things that can be taken care of outside of court.