Thursday, December 20, 2012


12 hours before Uncle hoped to have a visit the case manager calls me to tell me about the amendment to visitation (thank God the GAL called me).  I brought up the fact about going in front of the judge and apparently since the frequency wasn't changing (only the duration) that it did not need to be brought in front of the judge.

Let me tell you that I voiced my opinion...I am not afraid to stand up for my Choo Choo.  She knows I am not pleased but she made it very clear that she thinks it's best for him to be with his "family."  I explained about stress/trauma and how he acts (she's heard this before) and how he screams "NNNNOOOOO!" when I say he is going to see them, but to no avail.  Her thoughts were  "well we need to give this a try."

Her suggestion to me was that I keep notes of how he reacts after the extended visits and we can bring that before the judge in January (when we will have a status conference because she forgot to do her job).  SIGH!

In another text I got from our GAL she asked if I would be willing to take the stand and testify as to his behaviors.  Do I want to....NO!  Will I?  YES!  Yeah...I'm not sure if we will get a court date before then or if it will just be taken care of on that day.  This all seems so stupid when there are bigger issues to deal TPR for the non-existent father!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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