Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas Wish

So Choo Choo did indeed have a visit with his Aunt/Uncle this past weekend.  Poor thing hadn't seen them in a month so at hand off he was clinging and screaming again.  Don't people understand consistency for a child is of UTMOST importance???  Ugh!

Yesterday I picked him up. When they arrived 15 min PAST the time THEY requested I got out of my car and went over to theirs.  Uncle was undoing the REGULAR seat belt from Choo Choo.  He was sitting in his car seat without the harness fastened.....just a plain ole seat belt over him.  HE IS NOT EVEN TWO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then he hands him to me and tells me that next time they will be getting his haircut.  I informed him that we need permission from bio-Dad prior to cutting his hair and that we just asked and he said no.  His response was "well S said we could do it anytime"  Nice...I confirmed with the CM and she said that when S said we couldn't he also commented that uncle could cut it anytime.  Yeah.....that makes things pretty clear doesn't it?!  I really wish I knew what lies aunt/uncle were telling him about me.  Prior to these visits starting bio-dad and I were on really good footing.  He respected me for taking care of Choo Choo, texted, called, etc.  Now after having contact with the aunt/uncle...NOTHING and to top it off, dirty looks at court and things like this.

Don't get me wrong.....every little thing, every visit, every dirty look, every snide comment, every time I am sitting in my car waiting forever for them to get there IS WORTH IT....why?  Because of Choo Choo!!!!  He is my boy and I love him more than words can say and as another foster momma puts it..."I will live this crappy life for him!"  I will fight for him and what is best for him no matter what....hate me?  I don't care! :) Christmas wish is a TPR trial (either the real thing or at least a date!)  The 30 days were up on Friday so I am trying to find out if it was filed appropriately or not.  If not, we have court in Jan to see why not.  I am just hoping things are all taken care and we can move forward.  I know it's not all said and done and he could still be adopted by aunt/uncle but whatever it is I just want permanency for my baby....of course I PRAY that it is HERE with us!!!

The GAL contacted the CM and she said that she hadn't filed anything because she thought the court told the GAL's office to do it.  WHAT??????????????  she even said to me at our last homevisit that the courts wanted "their office" to file the petition.   LIVID!!!!


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:( So frustrating. SO SO frustrating. (((hugs)))