Friday, December 21, 2012

Jason Castro-Only A Mountain Lyrics

I really like this song! As I drove to drop Choo Choo off it came on the radio and I just basked in God's wonderful presence as I listened.

As for the drop off it was totally gut-wrenching.  He knows why we go to "that" place and started screaming.  His uncle was 15 min. late.  During that time he proceeded to scream and I watched as 2 cars 2 spaces down from me completed a drug deal. LOVELY!  I have sent an email to EVERYONE stating I request a change in meeting places.  What if they had guns and something didn't happen right?  I'm not putting my babies or myself in that kind of danger.  NUTS!

Choo Choo screamed as hard as he could as I took him out of his seat.  His uncle is so non-compassionate and tried taking him from my arms.  I told him to give Choo Choo some time and get his puppy and he would calm down.  Uncle got puppy and Choo Choo calmed a bit and then I handed him over.  I literally felt like my stomach was being shaken and I felt like I was going to bless the BK parking lot with my breakfast!

Praying for peace for Choo Choo and myself today.  This is so hard :(

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