Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Staffing

Thank you Lord that I was not able to attend today :)  I know I was waffling back and forth but in my mind I knew I had to go.  BUT.....my hubby got sick on Sunday...I mean laid out in bed, fever, chills, cough, really sick.  I was thinking he'd be better by today, but he is still half-comatose in bed!  So...my person to watch the kids was taken away so I couldn't go. SO THANKFUL!

The GAL called me right afterward and Uncle showed up!  He was ticked off and ready to blow.  I guess he piped up about taking off work to come and nothing getting accomplished.  Yeah buddy...you work nights and get off at 7...who are you kidding?  Anyway, apparently the uncle, CM, and the CM supervisor attacked the GAL and she refused to play their games.  The supervisor was contradicting COURT DOCUMENTATION and when confronted she backed down.  I guess it was ugly and at the end Uncle demanded visitation every weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Uuuummmm....NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!  Thank God that was nixed but the supervisor said "well how about we make it every other weekend but extend them?"  He was pacified with that so they are trying to get the visits changed to be from Fri morn until Sun night.  Little do they know (actually if they read the court documents they'd know exactly but no one bothers to do that) that we are trying to reduce visitation.  Sooooooooooo...the judge will be presented with both sides and I guess we'll see where her thoughts lie.

Uncle has a visit this weekend.  I KNOW he will try to get the Fri-Sun but it needs to amended in court first.  I am ready...I know he will say that I wasn't at the staffing and blah blah blah.....NOT having it!  Oh and he said some stuff about my family and I and how not-committed to Choo Choo  because we will not do PG.  He threw around some "this hurts me in my spirit" stuff and a whole bunch other nonsense to make himself look spiritual all the while not showing fruit of a true Christ follower.....ever.

This has been a hard morning....I am so fed up with this dude, this case, the incompetent workers, etc.  While venting to my social worker about it all I told her not to be surprised if we do not continue fostering after this case is done.  Sadly she was not surprised by my words at all and said "I don't know how you do it!"  She validated my feelings about all the nonsense and how it's only hurting Choo Choo.

Just. So. Tired of it all today :(  Our next real court hearing isn't until APRIL. :(

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