Thursday, January 2, 2014


was continued!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Can you even believe it??????????? 

We got there at 9 followed shortly by everyone else.  We waited and waited.  9:45 rolls around and the lawyer says that the judge isn't even there.  There was one case to be called ahead of us and that got called around 10:15. 

We were next.  We all made our appearances and found out that the judge was at an emergency dentist appointment due to a cracked molar and that is why she was late.  The proceedings started with the state invoking the "rule of sequestry" (sp?) which basically means that no one can listen to anyone else's testimony and once you have testified you cannot talk about it to anyone. 

Aunt was called first and was in the room for about 1/2 hr.  Then there was a long break where no one was called and I think that is when the CM was testifying.  Then Dr. B the psychologist was called in and she wasn't in there as long.  When she came out she said I was next.  Deep breathes.....

5 minutes later all the players came out of the courtroom and said we are continuing till tomorrow morning at 9am.  WHAT???????  The judge had a full docket this afternoon and couldn't continue.  She has 13 cases to hear tomorrow so she will be motivated to move us quickly.  We were told when we got there today not to expect a decision for 2-3 weeks.  BUT...because God is merciful the judge said that she would give her decision tomorrow. WHEW!!!!!!!!

During our nearly 3 hour wait we had nice conversations with aunt/uncle.  As hubby and I walked back to the car all in shock that we have to do this all over tomorrow, we commented that even if he does leave at least he's not being given to people who are going to jeopardize his healthy or safety.  They do really love him.  My oh my has God done a work our my hearts over the past 3 yrs! 

So...another sleepless night and I am scrambling to find a sitter and hubby has to get off work again! 

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mjm said...

Praying for God's grace. May you be given the courage and strength to feel peace no matter what the outcome tomorrow.