Wednesday, June 1, 2011

This week...

has not been the smoothest so far! Sheesh! I haven't heard anything more about LM's bio-mom situation, but I have the GAL calling everyone who could possibly help in this situation. She emailed the mom back so I am eager to hear what comes of that! It is officially 18 months that Little Man has been in our home!!! I simply can't believe that this mess of a case is our FIRST case!! Stay tuned for more details....nothing may happen until court, but we'll see. I think it is all coming about because it was recently Mother's Day and now his birthday is coming up this month and he's back in the forefront of her mind.

As for Baby...the Zantac that the Dr. put him on is giving him stomach upset and nausea. He has not been eating his bottles very well and after every bottle he pukes. He never did this before the meds...just a little spit up. I have a call into the dr. to see if we can try something else. I talked to a nurse and she asked if he has had an upper GI done. I said no and am praying my baby doesn't have to go through that! He has been sleeping more too and just not his spunky self :(

In other baby news... he has now rolled both ways!! He doesn't do it when you want him to or when you expect him to, but he can do it :) He likes to suck his thumb now's very cute :)
He loves the Johnny Jumper but does not really like the Bumbo all that much. He especially loves to be held :) People keep telling me I spoil him, but ya know what...I probably don't have him too much longer so I am going to suck up every sweet moment with him!!

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