Saturday, November 26, 2011


A couple of weeks ago you remember that Baby's dad sent me a note back? He included his most recent cell number and so I decided that I would text him a picture of Baby and say hello :) He was soooo appreciative, so I have tried to send him a text about baby every several days. We went to a local attraction and I got a cute pic of Baby petting a goat so I sent that to him. He was the first one to send a text on Thanksgiving and was very sweet. I sent him some hard copy pictures on Baby's visit last week and shared one of our family. Now that I am more familiar with him I feel a bit more comfortable communicating with him.

In the long run I think this will benefit us all. It's looking more and more like Baby will not be reunified (the goal is now concurrent)simply because of housing/job and the lifestyle Bio-Dad is living. I am hoping that through sending pictures of our family and keeping him in the loop about what's going on, that he will feel comfortable enough and think "maybe this is the best place for him live." I am praying that this case is not drug out the way Little Man's has. I TOTALLY understand his bio-dad's desire to try to get him back---Duh! Who wouldn't want this sweet baby? but at the same time I am praying that he is realistic about his ability to parent. It's been almost 10 months already and we are no further along. I know that he loves his son, but he also needs to be able to provide a stable home where he will be taken care of the way he needs to be. I don't know the future of course....who knows...maybe God's plan is for Baby to return to Dad and this communication effort will benefit us is that we will get to keep in contact with the amazing boy he placed in our home!

For the upcoming week....PRE-TRIAL for Little Man!!!! Just 13 days away from TRIAL!!!!


Mama P said...

I both hate and love that moment when you make the contact with the BioParents. It helps you let go of those harsh judgements that it is natural to feel, but at the same time it also takes away your ability to feel emotionless about their side of it.

It has been really rewarding overall, though, to have had contact with all of my children's bioparents.

I hope things work out for Baby to be where he belongs!

CandCFamily said...

Good luck, I know that fostering those relationships can only help no matter what happens.

Diane said...

I and my 12 year old adopted daughter have a wonderful relationship with her bio dad. It was rocky at times, but it has blossomed and is good for all! I encourage you to keep up the effort!

Found your blog through Mama Foster. Read back and discovered I have been following your sister's blog for more than a year! Look forward to following you!

Our Journey said...

That's funny Diane! Welcome here :-)