Tuesday, November 15, 2011

So much going on :)

We are crazy (GOOD) busy here! Our respite placement is going sooooo well!! He seriously is the most easy going baby EVA! We call him our little Butterball :) Little Grape has shown intense jealousy of both hubby and I..whoever is holding Butterball! He crawls over, grabs our leg or crawls in our lap and then clings to our necks. He will be soooo happy to see Butterball leave tomorrow, but everyone else will be sad. It's just amazing how quickly you can get used to a little one being in your home. We currently have 5 little boys ranging from 6 months-7yrs and things haven't changed much! He is an absolute pleasure :)

In other news...Little Man's child study is going to be today. The woman has to come for 2 hours. Fun! I have a MILLION things to do today and the rest of this week before my parents come as well as house stuff (yeah..we got it!!) etc. Of course it simply had to get done thTODAY. Oh well...

I thought that on trial day that would be it..I have to stop doing this to myself! lol! Apparently the MBI won't be until another hearing after the trial. When that will be I have no idea!! MAYBE this adoption will be done by the time this kid turns THREE!!!!! Good grief!!!

Not much on Little Grapes case...waiting...waiting....I don't think anything of interest will happen until court in January, but with foster care ya never know!! lol!!

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"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

YEAH about the house!
Glad butterball has been great- I certainly enjoyed him ;)
PRAYING- foster care is just sooo....CRAZY!!!