Thursday, November 10, 2011

Emergency respite!

Yesterday evening I got a call that a foster mom doing respite for another foster family had to "bail" on the respite because of a family emergency out of the country. Can you do it?? Umm....ok! So last night we were blessed with baby "A" He is 6 months old and HUGE!! He rolls, sits and army crawls all over the place! He is the best baby!! He has only cried once, puts himself to sleep, holds his own bottle and is sooooooo laid back! He fits in so well here :) Little Grape is not so fond of him and gave me the death stare when I was feeding "A" this morning, but he's getting used to him now :) The older boys are lovin another cute baby! They've already asked if we can adopt him too!! Big "A" was at breakfast this morning and said "Can we adopt him, and him, and him?" (pointing to the babies and Little Man). Awwwwww....such a sweet heart that boy has under his rough and tough exterior!

I have not heard from anyone including the original foster mom, but supposedly he will be here until next Wednesday! I was just "whining" to a friend yesterday morning about how much we have going on right now and then I just added to it! Oh can you say no? He leaves Wed. and my parents will be visiting on Friday morning! Glad they are understanding!!!


"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Awwwww......are you coming to Bible Study?? :) I want to hold him!!!
Of course Joanna won't like it, but then she may have to get used to that anyway :)

t. marie said...

Lol @ the death stare!!!

Our Journey said...

Taina--you have not seen the death stare only comes out at certain times, but when he does it he is serious!!! lol!!