Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Little Man's mom has been emailing again. It is soooooo hard for my flesh to not respond. Below are a few snippets from her last email. How do I respond to this? After 2 years she is asking me this question? I want to give her a fleshy response, but of course I will not! I'm going to have to keep trying to give her very neutral answers until everything is settled in court. I seriously think that in her mind (she does not regularly take her meds) that time stopped when LM was taken away. She could not possibly fathom that LM does not miss her or wonder what happened to her. Of course a very long time ago he wondered, but his current life is all he now remembers (thank you Jesus!)

do u want me and "m" to be reunited. do u think in your heart that he could be at his full potentail with me? i hope things go good for us both.

i cant wait to see the pics just thinking of them makes me want to cry i hope i get my baby back i know he misses me and wonder what happen to me.

I am used to dealing with "A's" birthparents, but this is ohhhhhhhhhhh so different! Dec. 9th cannot come quick enough :)

Due to the results of the last hearing our homestudy has been pushed back to the end of November. day this will all be over :)


MamaFoster said...

Ugh. That would be very hard to deal with

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Oh yeah....feeling you on this one!!!

Yep....exactly the same responses at times. Seriously doesn't cross their mind that a baby especially/toddler- moves on and does NOT remember them AT ALL.

They think know it's only been a couple OF YEARS! How could they not think of me day and night? :)

I have had to control myself SEVERAL times at not writing back too! So hard.....I repeat over and over and over- they are a child of God, they are a child of God, they are a child of God!!!!!!

Praying for you....and uffda seriously- December? PRAYING!!!!!!!!!