Friday, November 4, 2011


Every time baby has a Dr. appt or has learned a new trick I send bio-dad a note to tell him what happened. Today was no different. He hadn't had a visit in over 4 weeks so I updated him on what baby can now do and what happened at his 9 month well-child. I was SHOCKED to get a note back that said the following (spelling as it is in the note)...

"Thank you so much for takeing real good care of him for me. You are truely god's gift to the world."

That's too much, but it is so nice to hear THANK YOU! Of course I don't need it, but I am a "words of affirmation" person, and it's just such a nice change of pace from Little Man's mom!! We don't do what we do for him, the agency, etc...we don't do it for "props" or recognition...we do it for God and for Baby and we are so blessed that "S" has a peace that his son is well taken care of and doing great!

A great way to end the week :)

Additionally, we went to a training last night where we learned that our FDS has to now do all her home visits WITH a case manager quarterly. Our FDS emailed both our CM's and both want to do their visit with the FDS next week. The poor FDS was just out a few weeks ago and I'm not sure what she's going to do, but I sure am jealous that her emails are responded to so quickly-LOL!!!

Ohhhh...and we are doing respite next week for 3 days for a GIRL :) She is almost 2 years old. Should be fun!!


"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Wow that is a true compliment!!!! :)

And oh yeah- I am totally copying and pasting your last post with the original blog reference- AMEN!!!

t. marie said... worries. I will come everyday to your house to see my babies!!! Congrats on your affirmation. You know you and the mister rock!!!